New Mexico Fishing License System

New Mexico Fishing Licenses can be purchased ONLINE ahead of your visit - or while you are here.  

No Printer?  No problem.  We have confirmed with Game & Fish staff that you can have a screenshot of your license on your phone - just make sure it is charged up and available if they ask for it.

When purchasing licenses, make sure to include: Fishing License (Annual, 1 Day or 5 Day), Habitat Management Access and Validation (HMAV, Adult ONLY) and Habitat Stamp to be legal around here. 


Fisher-people under the age of 12 DO NOT need a license.  If you are an adult assisting only, you do not need a license.  If you are an adult assisting a child that runs away and leaves a line in the water connected to your hands you are fishing and need a license.  Ages 12-17 are Junior prices.  65-69 is Senior pricing, 70+ FREE - 65+ discounts applicable to residents only.  Total Prices, with all necessary stamps, are as follows:



Adult Annual: $40

Adult  1 Day: $27

Adult 5- Day: $39

Junior Annual: $16

70+: Free - you earned it!


Adult Annual: $71

Adult 1 Day: $27

Adult 5 Day: $39

Junior Annual: $26

Resident Handicapped and Veteran Licenses are available.  

Click the link below to purchase your license online:

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