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Shop Dog and Unofficial Mascot

Carson is a German Short Hair Pointer. He can often be found welcoming guests into the shop, but will never pass up a good adventure. 

Carson is a dog about town and will frequently take himself on walks. All the locals know him and don't hesitate to tell him to "go home Carson!" when dark rolls around.   Will steal fries and sopapillas.



He can be kind of a dick sometimes, but normally pretty nice.  Likes are dry fly eats and milkshakes.  Windsocks enthusiast.  

Favorite Fly: Whatever someone else buys or ties for him

sloan profile.jpg



Cabot is the man.  Originally a knuckle dragging snowboard instructor, Cabot's patience and technical teaching style are unmatched.  We are unsure how but he speaks trout and has extraordinary trout vision.  He can read a river like no other.   

He's a fan of the chub on top.  Hare's Ear below.



Erik has more miles in the high country under his belt locally that anyone.  Shed hunter by trade, fisherman by day, Erik knows the land and local waters.  He has spent his whole life in the area exploring our local waters.  He is passionate about the outdoors and loves to share his passion with everyone.  Whether boulder-hopping down into the Rio Grande or crawling up Cabresto Canyon - Erik knows this county, and these fish.  No one has better stories to share and you cannot go wrong here!




Some call him the "Trout Whisperer" but we call him Elvis.  Jeremy is a true teacher and is great at sharing his fishing prowess.  

Favorite fly: Whatever is working best that day.



No known pictures of Jeff exist.  That should tell you everything you need to know.



dallas photo.jpg


Dallas is a born and bred Red River local who has been fishing our local waters his whole life. His favorite thing to do in his free time is hike up small tributaries of the Red River in search of the native Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. He is an expert on our local small waters and knows this country like the back of his hand. When not guiding fishing, he is chasing all local game species - including Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Bear, Big Horn Sheep and Yeti - to name a few. You will not have a better time with anyone! 

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